HEXHELL: they all going to die;

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City of bones

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— справочная служба преисподней —

«It comes from history. It comes from the record of the Inquisition, persecuting heretics and torturing Jews and all that sort of stuff; and it comes from the other side, too, from the Protestants burning the Catholics. It comes from the insensate pursuit of innocent and crazy old women, and from the Puritans in America burning and hanging the witches — and it comes not only from the Christian church but also from the Taliban. Every single religion that has a monotheistic god ends up by persecuting other people and killing them because they don't accept him. Wherever you look in history, you find that. It’s still going on».
3 3 #666; справочная служба дьявола
2017-09-26 23:27:58 - Hexhell

City of ashes

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— личные эпизоды настоящего времени —

«Men pass in front of our eyes like butterflies, creatures of a brief season. We love them; they are brave, proud, beautiful, clever; and they die almost at once. They die so soon that our hearts are continually racked with pain. We bear their children, who are witches if they are female, human if not; and then in the blink of an eye they are gone, felled, slain, lost. Our sons, too. When a little boy is growing, he thinks he is immortal. His mother knows he isn't. Each time becomes more painful, until finally your heart is broken. Perhaps that is when Yambe-Akka comes for you. She is older than the tundra. Perhaps, for her, witches' lives are as brief as men's are to us».
4 21 the night we met; [11.04.2016]
2018-09-14 11:29:54 - Matéu de Almagro


— личные эпизоды прошлого и будущего —

«Your average witch is not, by nature, a social animal as far as other witches are concerned. There's a conflict of dominant personalities. There's a group of ringleaders without a ring. There's the basic unwritten rule of witchcraft, which is 'Don't do what you will, do what I say.' The natural size of a coven is one. Witches only get together when they can't avoid it».
36 247 cause it don't matter how many times we go 'round [14.01.2016]
Сегодня 16:56:28 - Ursula McGráve

Silent city

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in skamma

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«Most witches don’t believe in gods. They know that the gods exist, of course. They even deal with them occasionally. But they don’t believe in them. They know them too well. It would be like believing in the postman».
15 197 i can say, but can't be far away [03.09.2015]
2017-12-28 14:15:54 - Fáelán McIver

Вы здесь » HEXHELL: they all going to die;